How do you stack up?

160 Driver Score

The most reliable way to certify truck driving skills

160 Driver Score is the best way to evaluate and certify truck driving skills, helping drivers prove their value, and companies better understand their drivers. Drivers are evaluated at our testing facilities or at your location, where our assessors conduct a thorough observation of each driver's skill in all relevant areas.

160 Driver Score for Truck Drivers

Prove Your Skill

Get a detailed assessment of your truck driving skills.

Save Money

Scored drivers may be eligible for discounts with insurance providers.

Get Hired

Show potential employers you've got what it takes to join their team!

160 Driver Score for Trucking Companies

Evaluate your Drivers

Do you really know your employees? Get a full assessment and remediation plan!

Save on Insurance

Companies who employ drivers with a 160 Score are eligible for discounts through National Interstate Insurance.

Verify Applicants

Know each driver's true skill before you hire. Search for them here to see if they've already tested.

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